Urban Design

ADI believe that it is crucial that all landscape and open space development within a residential project takes place within the framework of a clear strategy. The open spaces must provide the focus for the future community, a framework for the adjoining built development, and be open and inviting, a place where people will want to dwell.

We recognise that the built environment, its setting and the space between buildings are all part of the future living environment and as such we advocate involvement from the very inception of a project. In this way we are able to maximize the value of the landscape experience.

ADI's residential landscapes range from large-scale, high density residential communities to low density suburbs, urban town houses, condominiums and private houses with gardens. All of these are highly orientated to creating garden environments with facilities to cater for the resident's needs and preferences. At the larger scale, resort style residential areas, this goes beyond the creation of gardens into an integrated, designed streetscape and open space network. In condominiums and cluster housing our design aim is to give residents the feeling that their communal gardens and facilities are ‘their own private gardens’.

Scope of Services:

  •  Feasibility Studies

  •  Park, Open Space and Greenway

  •  Plaza Design

  •  Planning & Design

  •  Waterfront Design

  •  Urban Redevelopment Plans

  •  Streetscape Design

  •  Urban Planning